This links page will be updated with links of people and dojos who support this website as time permits ut to add them to the site.

Nemoto Sensei group on Facebook

Facebook group with information about Nemoto Sensei

Being an uchi deshi for Nemoto Sensei in Japan

“The links below are from my website ( and have some information in text and photos of what it is like to be an uchi deshi for Nemoto Sensei in Iwama, Kasama City, Japan.” — Per-Ola Olsson, Malmö Aikido Club, Sweden

Mark and Ute van Meerendonk, Germany

Mark van Meerendonk (6th Dan) and Ute van Meerendonk (6th Dan) have supported Nemoto Sensei’s alot over the years and helped to raise money for the dojo build. They are now focusing on aikido full time and have an uchi deshi program in Germany.
Please have a look at this link (information in german).

About training at O’Sensei’s old dojon – Shibun Dojo, Iwama

Ethan Weisgard 5th Dan from Aiki Shuren Dojo in Copenhagen in Denmark has some excellent pages on the practice in Iwama and about training at O’Senseis old dojo in Iwama, called Shibun Dojoi, see the this link.

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