If you feel the need to contact Nemoto Sensei you can use the following addresses or phone numbers:

Hiroki Nemoto

4839-31 Shimogo
319-0202 Japan
Tel/Fax : 0081 299 45 5722
Nemoto Sensei

Note! From the 19th of March 2006, Iwama, Tomobe and Kasama, were joined together into Kasama City.

Applying to become a soto deshi

For Japanese nationals or foreigners living in Japan you can apply to become a soto deshi (rough translation local student) by coming to in Nemoto Sensei’s classes in Iwama, ¬†Tsukuba and Mito.

We recommend you contact Nemoto Sensei in advance by phone or email and ask for information on the exact location of the classes in Iwama, Tomobe, Tsukuba or Mito.

Applying to to be an uchi deshi

To apply to become an uchi deshi you must have a recommendation from an aikido sensei or person that knows Nemoto Sensei.

We recommend you contact an aikido sensei at a national level or an aikido sensei/student that previously have been an uchi deshi for Nemoto Sensei.

The minimum period you can be an uchi deshi is 2 weeks.

Price (per 2 week period): 42 000 Yen

Price for additional day: 3 000 Yen per day.

The fee includes keiko with Nemoto Sensei and accommodation at Aiki House, including the use of the kitchen, the bath (O’furo), the washing machine (sentakuki), gas, water and electricity.

As uchi deshi you pay for all other expences for food etc during your stay at Aiki House in Iwama.

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